Hello, \/\/orld!


this blogroll is specially dedicated to my first year at Arts University in Bournemouth..

–i am happy and not happy to run this infospread. not happy for unavoidable  slayering for sake of reporting on progress involving screenshots of me vs software gayism / random videos of  my mistakes and trial (not even worth of polluting digital space), not to mention an arse licking of video magnat/pimp YOUTUBE–sure this is not how my blog should look, but it, probably, will. i know it is my learning minefield, space of my brain race and idea evolution. i am learning. opening my childish curiosity towards this big planet chill. trying myself. exploring. exploding and rejoicing. facing the trial and learning from my mistakes.
what i love about this blog is that i can keep myself  innovative and different. i will try my best to document the rush of my headcells, inner vision and hope this will bring me good marks. i will prostitute academically for sake of my future.haha

——— i already have one blog (kavi999.wordpress.bla.bla) which has mainly been reflection of creative work i have managed before starting this digital media degree. i decided to create one seperate account, named it kavi9999. the course is very specifically structured and craves for particular system of showing my development and learning processes. for that reason i chose to party my posts into 4 categories, which represent my main subject areas, respectively::
1:: Principles of Sound & Video Production –tuesdays-we do film and fuck around with video equipment
2:: Principles of Computer Graphics –Wednesdays-we work with After Effects and Photoshop
3:: Computer Graphics for Animation & Film –Fridays-ripped by Maya monster, my biggest concern, amazing soft and
sooo hard to learn, i am trying to keep up with everyone and have even cried on lecture (on me being imbecile in
polygon shaping or unable to sort out gravity tricks, etc)


i am also undertaking ABC Maya course, taught on late nights on Wednesdays. i am hoping to deepen my knowledge in Maya modelling and i want to be capable of working within software reasonably confident and skillful.

i will be documenting my progress herein and you will be facing an eerie written english. apologies for that.
it is more like freerun english street stylee/digital poetry fiasko, fuk it/ let’s roll////


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