image postproduction in Aftereffects

we’ve been asked to create a Photoshop image with several layers in order to animate them in After Effects. i picked the picture i was working earlier on and managed to create interesting animation.

while playing around with layers and moving some of them on z axis i managed to achieve nice 3-d environment which looked pretty nice when animated. i also used some camera blur options to reach bigger illusion of depth of field//here is a screenshot of animating layers in After Effects

Picture 1

i have used After Effects before and shameful to say hasn’t really explored much of using keyframes and different camera options neither played with 3-d layout of layers, which i am aware of now and it has opened my eyes to create more interesting and stunning animations. i found this brief very helpful and useful and i am glad that we have technical approach to it. learning After Effects is ace!
here is the final piece. i would have played around more and tried different camera moves, but this is what i came out with after 4 renders i found this one good enough to put it out>>



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