/maya blush

maya comes very slowly to me. i must admit that i wasnt born a 3-d virtuoso and my math teacher grandma’s gene was shamelessly looking  away when creating me. i do struggle lot to get my head around maya modelling and i have found myself well behind the class. still working on first lesson’s robot body, but here are some experimental steps in polygon shaping:: given no brief on face whatsoever i decided to have a go by creating  a polygon cube and shaping vertexes and moving faces. all i used was striclty logic/limited knowledge/innovative approach/ and lond time ago drilled structure of drawing a face (personalized approach, of course)—>dig my alise>>
Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4
Picture 6

for my Computer Graphics for Animation and Film piece i am intented to recreate a short film scene using Maya. my daring here is bigger than actual brain capacity of executing this task, but i have time and skills enought to construct abstract shapes which i can try to use in favour to reach desired obscure look of my graphics and 3-d models.


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