here is my vodka bottle ident::

here is my photoshopped version of Absolut vodka brand bottle.
the word “sick” implies two slightly different meanings. “sick” in general common sense means ill; feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit; brainsick or disgusted. this word has also been actively practiced in mundane slang and used mainly by young people describing great; cool; awesome; and fun. the fact that word “sick” can be interpreted in both ways made me choose exactly this word combination, respectively, Absolut Sick – meaning physically sick of drinking vodka or reaching contemporary young consumers in terms of branding and marketing this particular product. personally i am taking the side of piss-take rather than trying to sell this vodka to young people, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that my particular approach will interest generally young people. looking at Absolut ads it is clearly seen the targeting audience of this product are loaded grown ups but reality shows that mainly young people, plus adults, too, would be consuming alcoholic drinks. maybe not particularly Absolut vodka, which is quite pricey, but that doesn’t change the fact that alcohol advertisements do just harm. there should be more anti – approach activities of publicizing bad products. here are some examples of Adbusters printed ads::

i have intended to show the negative aspect of drinking vodka by creating very experimental and interesting video which will reach generally young audience.
storyboard and documentation on the way:: :: ::


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