viral video:: Absolut

i have come to the point when my idea on viral video has matured and i have weighted everything in me head what will be needed to materialize this project. firstly, i have chosen to work on Absolut vodka brand by advertising it with my own customized version of vodka bottle//
reason why i have chosen Absolut vodka is not because of the alcohol but of the way it has branded itself throughout media for many years. Usually an eye cathy posters known and recognized by their minimal design and loud metaphorical wit would invite any self respecting water drinker to sip what’s been bottled in sexy unpretentious glass container. the communicative “drinking” dialogue has been knitted wisely with multicultural threads reaching universal access to any mere individual all around the globe who happened to stumble upon one Absolut vodka ad in magazine or on gigantic wall on the street. the brand makes you feel very familiar to the asthetic idea of alpha drink by triggering something emotionally intimate in person or  social group it belongs to. it might be a geographical location or cultural pecularities we identify ourselves with by simultaneously identifying ourselves with drink itself. i would call this branding type molest-free propaganda. works neat and effective, infects in beautiful way.
i have done some research on Absolut vodka ad posters and have found some very amusing idents.

it seems that Absolut targets more towards the brand bottle rather than vodka itself but i presume this is one of the marketing tricks to “avoid” promoting what puts people in nasty hangover state or makes them signing up for anonymous alcoholic groups. and it also suggests to me that any viewer should posses some basic iq in order to decypher the visual message of deadly evil drink vodka poster. sure the task is not humanly impossible but it feels that Absolut talks to the rich (not necessary smart) who want to be recognized by drinking Absolut vodka and intelligent middle class people who can afford drinking vodka. one shouldn’t be an idiot in order to shape out a margin of a bottle in the poster, what really matters is the underlying meaning of  mise-en-scene. an extra effort comforting one’s knowledge on topic solved in the poster is what brand is looking for. it is an invisible zone where vodka meets its consumer. where everyoby feels cool and socially granted to enjoy this lush/posh/plush drink..
here are more samples on cultural and geographical link::

////here are some more abstract approaches to promoting or anti-promoting Absolut. both ways it appeals to me.

based on this research i can justify making my own branded Absolut vodka for a purpose of viral video. i will design a poster with my own logo text on bottle and will make a short video on the vodka ident. more on my next post::…


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