viral video–concept and storyboards

as my recent research on absolut vodka advertising in posters has shown  i will be working on self-made absolut vodka brand and creating short video with some  anti-advertise-reaction feeling to it. i really like absolut vodka posters with element “smart” in them but i dislike the fact that vodka doesnt make you smart at all when being consumed viciously, so i would like to play with an idea of making “fancy” ad for absolut and use slightly “realistic” approach to essence what vodka can give you on top of just being cool. and that is–sickness.

the name of vodka-in response to masses of self-innovative vodka names people have ever come up with-will be ABSOLUT SICK. by means of absolutely sick/hype and cool vodka in mundane slang as well by representing aesthetical side effect of drink consumerism – a physical feeling of sickness resulting in puke and mess.

the main characters depicting theme will be alien-looking little cute freak bodies. i am intended to use real people in making this video. Lynne and Jenna will be the main characters in this video wearing big out of mudrock made white heads–in shape of balloon and with big crosses in stead of eyes. the reason why i see crosses for eyes is that it kind of represents not-earthly feeling. its been used lot in comic art and manga as well as in emo style art—a teddy with cross-eyes (mainly japan influenced, i think) would leave u contemplating on death and phase-out.
here is approximate vision of character with head-on::
>>[foto by Adam Jaggard//35mm filmxx]

there will be one very cool feature about these little vodka buddies– they will be levitating throughout the whole video. i have used this technique before by taking series of photographs of a person jumping in the air. the outcome of stringing these stop motion captures is amazing and it features in showing a real person in unreal state of movement. it is physically achievable and has stunning animation effects even without using any cgi analism.
this is video i made good few years ago and demonstrates how levitation is achieved by animating stop-motion stills in the air.


i have made small storyboard of film we are intended to shoot>>aspect ratio is not correct here as in final version i am intended to use high-definition widescreen format. in order to capture good quality source material i am going to use a beast Nikon D200 digital slr camera//
ok, featuring story-board-a:://


this is an opening shot//my idea is to establish these two main characters in first shot by placing them on busy street where normal people would walk in their own businesses (blurred) but these two little eerie-alien-men would just be stilled in the air as if not even belonging to this world. it will be slowly faded into next shot of tunnel action. i think it will be hard to achieve good transition in order to continue the story flowing but my aim would be more surprising than leading spectator comfortably through scenes. it will be radical shift from still street shot to tunnel action and viewer can be led to misunderstanding. what i hope to achieve with this first opening sequence is to keep person looking at the video and throwing him/her in unreal/real world of my interpretation of vodka ad..


the main action will take place in tunnel. why? firstly, i do really like underground passage way tunnels because they have a character. usually it would be dodgy/ stinky concrete environments with pee on the walls and fast food packaging mixed with other strange rubbish on the floor. it suggests an environment usually people would avoid trespassing in night-time unless they really dont have any other option. as this video will be shot in night-time, tunnel is an ideal environment with enough lightning , plus, lightning which looks ace just by how it is. this tunnel has been selected purposely because of bright night lamps. in comparison to other underground subways in bournemouth this tunnel seems to have the brightest and most appealing lightning available. here is how this tunnel looks in real life–[thanks to Adam Jaggard (3rd year digital media student and my boyfriend) and his film camera action, we managed to do some nice research backup shots-done on film]

soo, what happens in tunnel is as follows::
//–> these two little creatures is appearing from the far end of tunnel, levitating in air they are making their way towards the camera. they will be dragging behind a massive glass bottle of vodka. //here is a rough explanation why such visual paraphrasing:: as we all have experienced ourselves or at least have witnessed that some young people/mature homeless people/ druggies or any other social state individuals seek for abundance of the heart by solemnly drinking spirits in isolated spaces, tunnels, for instance..this place seems hidden from people viewpoint and provides some sort of public space shelter for illegal actions as drinking/drug taking or tagging.
we are facing real challenge here by implementing a big glass bottle in the shot so that it looks real. the reason why bottle has to be massive is to show the symbolic exaggeration of how important drink is in most of alcohol adds. usually advertisement would be happily on about nonsense in order to mask a real impact of alcohol, cigarettes and other substances which are harmful and has bad influence on people health or state of mind. in this video my aim is to establish an image clear enough by introducing vodka bold and straightforward using some interesting approach in techniques. i am thinking of creating a set design for a shot with vodka bottle. we might animate real size bottle in miniature built tunnel and then incorporate these shots with footage taken in real tunnel. but we might have more ideas on this implementation as we proceed with project development further on..


in shots where two characters are dragging this huge glass container with liquid gold i am intended to use prerecorded sound material with real glass bottle rubbing against the concrete. maybe even simulate the action and apply some sound effects to achieve more ambient/noisy/tunnel 3-d environmental echoing sound. i would like to achieve a feeling of actually being inside this tunnel as these two little fellas passing by with big vodka drag. sound should sound very deep and atmospheric. i hope we can manage to work on sound design as much as on whole footage as it is a very vital element in the video and must be integrated  in skillful manner.

#4:: sick

this sequence will be showing these two characters getting sick and starting to puke. i was thinking to show this action in tunnel but it might be also shot somewhere else in town. as this is ending shot and in order to finish with similar shot as at the beginning it would be great to get out of the cosy tunnel. transition of shot sequence is very important here to achieve the desired reaction from spectator. it should be either smooth in transition or cut-edge editing in order to achieve segmented and chopped up storyline. as i want to point out again the story is not so much of importance as the way its been narrated. ideal is to have very tight edit video with good effects layered on animation which explores different situations whilst two alien-like characters encounter themselves in different environments. the central figures are made alien-like on purpose in order to separate human feelings at the beginning and as the video progresses it should eventually address spectator very directly by acknowledging similar experience when drinking and getting it bit too far.

for this particular shot i am intended to use mixed media approach in form of stills sequence animation layered with hand drawn animation. the puke itself will be hand drawn on separate layer and blended with real animation in after effects application. i would like “puking” look very animated and in comic/drawing-style to achieve a strange and beautiful moment of fusing real foto with drawing. it is like reality is mixed with abstract and supplementing each other well throughout the context. at he moment i am using same technique in music video i am creating for friend of mine. here is a little fragment showing how i layered hand drawn animation on top of the real video::

i found this video on youtube and i would like to post it because of the technique used in this video production. respectively, at the start of the video there are shots of real objects (even though arranged in peculiar way and initiating strange associations those are nothing more but a real objects or living beings as mice and shadowy shapes of human body) which start to build up a visual bank of images and threading the storyline of this video. in later shots mice and human body shapes are blended together with extra layer of ink splashes. those are two different graphical flows successfully composed together and doing beautifully. this is kind of concept i would like to achieve with my video–fuse two different planes in one context visual message.


video will end up as classic ad shot with product close-up  in some gay swirl action. a deep mature male voice will sound the epic phrase : ” absolutely sick drink..” or something like that. would be great to record some good voice for this last quote// finis


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