an ace video sequence

informed on by friend
i happened to watch this video
and it ripped my eyes apart
—i love the shattered/jittery movement flow
colours/blurs/shades and characters::
a truly sensitive piece
watch on–>>


One Response to “an ace video sequence”

  1. tikul Says:

    uuu…yeah.. telepathy bloggin* i’ve put them as well to share with my mates a bit of polish root performance //
    they are very good bit oldschool industrial orthodox /for real* i just found this video again, i saw lots of their stuff cause they are quite well known art group in poland [within some communities] also performing a lot in london.
    proper sensual harsh open mind body cleaning performance / powerful video art. technically the clips are so well done.
    i love their character + concept / and this artist statement is so close to my heart ***
    im discovering all the time some new stuff of SUKA:: they are actually around for quite a long time… but still active. still good. oh ..they did also few videos for andrzejs friend and his band :

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