report on viral video production//stage#1

with idea clearly at hand we started to build a special heads made out of modrock. it took us few balloon deaths to understand a relationship between latex and sculpting patches and we had a choice of either condoms or heavy-duty balloons//we went for latter. apparently wilkinsons sells not only cheap but also great crap for reasonable pricing. along with thick party balloon set we got ourselves funny looking balloons in shape of caterpillar in different colours, when blown they looked like giant penis.

stage1::–making of head

it took 24 hours to dry. then we cut hole bigger for head to go through and we painted cross-sticked eyes on outside surface. feeling of being inside ball is nice. it feels warm(from ur own breath), echoey (from sounds around interacting) and strange, it feels as if you are inside your own head::

stage2:: –i am wondering, what are they thinking??can i come in??

stage3:: usually eyes tend to build an expression of the face . even though executed in most unpretentious design   these eyes give each person a character. i never thought that a small nuance can make such a big difference. introducing cross-eyed peas::

i think we did pretty good job on making these heads. there’s lot of hassle involved behind these frames  as proper sponging and securing them from inside. all video is  shot with these two-little personas jumping in the air and we had to think of some solutions in order to keep the “head” on head. we ended up with massive tape and sponge mess inside modrock balls but they did the job quite well (hopefully it will keep going well till we finish shooting).

while shooting video outside in the town’s square we witnessed an interesting interaction between our scene and passers-by. we did shoot this at night  around 10pm . it was very amusing to observe different people having different reaction on what was happening there. basically we had Jemma and Lynne jumping up on my command: “one, two , three, ..JUMP!!” and me taking pictures every time their feet detached the ground. there were different-situation people coming across–drunk boys and girls, a security guard, a homeless bloke (with charming Scottish accent+beer bottle in his hand) and we happened to attract a group of film students from AUCB. i think the idea about being interactive was fully justified  by just going outside and getting instant reaction from strangers. as definition states “viral” is “related or caused by a virus,” with regard to computers and information technology, the term refers less to a computer virus than it does to information that spreads quickly via the Internet. we didnt manage to spread any information about “absolute sick” concept but what we did was mainly a very good experience of establishing a communication between people as they were keen of knowing what were we doing and taking liking to modrock-head characters.
here are some shots i managed to take of  people who approached us and asked to be photographed with cute characters or were just keen to be in the shot::

>>liek, these girls were pretty hammered and they didnt know how to control their excitement when they saw Jemma and Lynne wearing these modroc-heads. they run to them and shouted and jumped in the air and they really really wanted to take some photos with characters. i managed to get these girls facebook details and i hope to post this photo to them, as well as see their photos they hopefully managed to capture with phones.))

there was another gentleman (not sure how pissed was he or just in jolly mood, bless him) who gave a direct response to what my camera was capturing. if you observe him (circled with green pen) in this shot lifting his hand up for a cheer greeting::

while in next shot he managed to stand just behind main characters and on my command J U M P he did jump in the air simultaneously with Jemma and Lynne.

[sorry, this photo is not very well captured but you can get the’s legs have been lifted in the air. long live the jumping idea!!]

here is the homeless guy who approached me and did ask me good few questions about art university and my course. he hung around for quite a bit maybe cause town square was his night shelter or , maybe, his usual spot for enjoying his night beer

and, finally, a group of young people was passing by a few good times. they were carrying film production equipment and at glance i thought  that we might be filmed by them! what a silly thought !  soon enough a girl holding a huge microphone pole couldnt resist and approached us and asked if i could take a photo with her and big head characters::

it took a second for rest of the crew to realise that taking pictures at night in town square with cute-looking “absolute sick” characters is well cool::

/after having a small chat to the lads we knew they are mainly second year film production students from AUCB and it was amazing how we happened to meet up in these unusual conditions. they were very positive about what we were doing and showed great deal of  interest in our production.


after conducting daring night shoot in town centre i have some conclusions about this viral video piece.  at this stage we are just in the middle of creating our video. this is just an opening shot we were working on which will be animated in sequence for an opening scene. we havent integrated vodka idea yet. vodka bottle will be introduced in later shots we will work on in the tunnel. i came to realize that the main idea we did build characters for wasnt of importance as people were just witnessing two strange characters jumping in the air and being photographed.  the message we want to convey through these two characters will only make sense through final video piece spread via internet in form of viral video. the idea of interaction proved to be virally effective even without a context. we managed to communicate via this live act on the street and receive a response.  i really liked the idea to go out in public space and receive a reaction from other people .  when shooting people mainly would tend to stay out of frame but my idea was actually to have people in frame together with two levitating characters.  it is strange how people interact with camera in open public space. they seem to be very depriving and unwilling to be exposed or anyhow documented by stranger with a camera on tripod. even though they seem interested in what is happening they would humbly pass by in a quick pace. on contrary, some other people who have been warmed up before at a pub or some party would storm into shot and make complete idiots of themselves. there were couple of tight-shirt lads (pretty drunk) acting out as worst schoolboys by running, jumping and touching modrock heads. i think in that moment girls felt bit overwhelming with disturbance and annoying attention. some people would take interest by approaching and asking direct questions. overall we had pleasant communication through this night and i think we did reach a very good interaction level with complete strangers. i believe that it is possible to drive people attention by being innovative and unusual and there is always a link between a spectator and performer which can be triggered either positive or negative way. doing something peculiar in open public space will always initiate some reaction from people participating or just happened to be round the scene and the way it will communicate depends on people themselves.


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