kinetic type ideas::—>>

as far as i know we will need to do a project on kinetic typography on our second year. yes or no for project//still  i would like to start working on my idea. kinetic typography refers to the way of expressing text in animated form, basically, kinetic type is ‘alive’ text widely used in television and film – it adds an emotional content to  it’s already literal meaning. i think this subject interests me most because of close interlink between sound and vision. i would like to create kinetic type installation using various multimedia items (screens, multiple projectors, computer, fine art elements)  and different software applications (vjing software and Max/MSP, Processing). my idea is to merge completely from different perspectives utilised tools to work for one purpose–make a meaningful and enjoyable piece with totally fresh and original approach in dealing with kinetics->applied to–>/text–>via–>/sound//

firstly, my idea::

a video multi-media installation. one screen with an image of a man (a real vocalist of the music piece and text chanter), two projectors. one projector maps the actual screen image and applies real-time effects on top of it whilst second projector streams kinetic text coming out of man’s mouth. two computers with different running softwares. first computer linked to first projector will use vj software able to map an actual image and apply different real-time effects on it. best way of describing this technique is explained in this video::
kinetic type interpretation of actual lyrics will be processed in Processing or Max/MSP. that will be my hardest task to build such patch or code which can detect sound events in streaming sound source and playback matching text with spoken words in synth. at this stage i have no idea what sort of text generating engine i will work with–either premade video clips or some sort of real-time word detector or some sort of imminent smart text editor working on i speak i am sure this is possible to make if i work out the logic path of how to build the text and which software/open source can do it for me and how. kinetic text video output  will be streamed on top of screen image and should state a visual message of letters coming out of man’s mouth as he speaks. my research will start on chronotexts.

{} — the text i’ve chosen to put in animated form is in a  song by Burial (a dubstep artist from South of London) featuring Spaceape as his vocalist guru masher. listen to audio piece here ::

[] — image/es

–>i will work on plastic “canvas” — i have found two square pieces of  semitransparent plastic material on which i might  spray a stencil or use street-bombing markers to draw a portrait of a man. my initial call is interpret a photo of Spaceape – a vocalist and text author himself..if i can manage to get hold of authorised material i can work with, i would like to use very raw/rustic/sketchy-type of fine elements to make this portrait. use black colour on white semi-transparent plastic plane. here are some style influences i might bring into my artistic portrait::
these pictures are sourced from book i own – “Street Sketchbook” by Tristan Manco. first two images are by Italian artist called B0130–his work can be found all over the world and as author of this book states the most interesting sculptural installation amongst many others was created in abandoned swimming pool. i like B0130’s style of solving lines – they seem having their own way around the actual drawing but still managing to incriminate a solid face features. very expressive facials::

next two images i find inspiring are by Iemza. he is a graffiti artist with very original style, he started off making lot of letter based graffiti but soon evolved expressing himself in more complex forms and shapes of buildings and abandoned space structures. his style is believed ‘dirty, dark and without tricks’. i personally dig his work because of ability to create stunning images using decomposed lines and blocks of roughly applied colours. it is speedy yet intricate, all over the place but very consistent in delivering visual message. amazing skillz::

here i made my version of portrait. this is not to be the final one though.i will work on many sketches and will update them in my blog. this is just to slap an idea of portrait and digital lettering (in blue) coming out of his mouth [continiously-like, in video, capturing in real-time lyrics of the song]

i will need to look into projections layered together from several projectors. i have never tried this technique myself but i know that it has been practiced by several visual artists. i draw an inspiration from such London-based collective as D-Fuse. they have pioneered different vjing techniques, experimented madly with screen materials and stage set up as well pushing vj culture edges well behind visual perception comfort zone. i’ve read that they layered video projections with projections of slides on top of each other. i believe it looks good when static is fused together with kinetic and defines a strange explanation of  different time modes played in one real-time window. of course that is easily achieved in single vjing platform by planting different layers on top of each other. also different effects can be applied on each layer simultaneously. but the fact that whole output material has been rendered from single platform makes me think of video as very amorphous and limited by commands of just single digitally thinking entity. by introducing several different sources in one task to create a video output i can expect more diversity and unexpectedness in what can happen when different sources are put together. my task is to make them communicate on output so that each element when combined together with other visual elements contributes to the piece applicable and original.


interesting references::

motion based artists

george legrady

alva noto



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