really amazing visual stuff by guys from berlin. i might even get introduced with them by my friend…i am happy to see that ideas are universal and some artists have managed to pick it up beautifully and translate it into well appealing visuals. i am thinking lines, too. noise bars, randomness and tight link to the sound. actually, drawing a sound. i must push my boundaries in learning to do not worst than that and even better. there are sooo much great stuff out there, artists setting up crazy a/v installations, music perception is changing from rave to show, demands are becoming more harder to satisfy and visual breakthrough must be worth of surprise. one might have a vision. contemporary. i believe it can be contemporary and fresh without being interlinked with outside world. a thinking approach and techniques sped up by mundane lifestyles, a sensitive guessing and touching a void, experimenting, building, expanding understanding in being flexi and unsettled. searching for something new and identifying concepts is a call to initiate a visionaire. and, of course tech skill ability to make a statement within programming platform::
i always wonder about myself how i do percept digital art i am interested in. if i see some very good video i want to know how it’s been done and then see if i can do it myself. i dont think it is the right way to learn through reproduction, even if it’s been calculated in mind. understanding technicality is one thing, but building a concept is another. there will be different ways to create a bridge between a concept and individual/consumer of this idea. by knowing already walked path disables me to experiment and find new pathways to same spot. because its not about the destination, it’s about the journey. when people go different ways and come to one spot they will be bringing in totally different experiences. i would prefer not to be  influenced by art. it is inevitable that i will be influenced by good art and i can’t avoid looking at it. every time i see something nice i think to myself: “my idea has been made here.” i think more than i do. i must work harder. more hands on programming and building i suppose::


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