recent photography::

here are several shots from two films ok to show. i am not happy overall with my work. firstly, i didnt pay much attention to compositing shots as well didn’t work more with calculation of light and shutter speed. what i tend to do is very unprofessional and stupid — i dont think about aperture and shutter speed in different variations and what each variation can bring to my photo. usually i would just snap photos as long as there is enough light coming in and shutter speed allowing me to use handheld position to shoot. i know that thinking deeper about many faculties as light, composition in shot, setting aperture and metering incoming light and adjusting it for a reason and desired effect will show more skills and understanding of taking photographs. sometimes i manage to take very good shots and i like them for many aspects. but problem is that i never remember what camera set up i used or what exactly caused this look i like very much. what i will try to do in future is to write some notes and investigate, process and compare, understand and use camera more knowingly.


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