Maya progress///

for my 3-d maya project inspiration i have picked a small scene from Stanley Kubrick’s film “Full Metal Jacket” where private Pyle shoots himself in the face. it sounds as gore as graphic the scene happens to be and that is a reason why i have picked this particular moment in the film as basis for my maya 3-d modelling project. there are many blatently stupid films with unreasonable amounts of splattered blood and decapitated limbs but they all seem superficial and unreal and doesn’t prove to have much of emotional content unless person is quite fucked in mind. i prone to turn away from violence and blood in films and is not always my favorite part of cinema but for some reason i was bond to screen while watching Stanley Kubrick’s crafted war film while being sucked in mad reality of what is to be turned into a cold-blooded ready-to-kill-marine. this film is about Vietnam War. director’s initial call was to represent war at its essence without taking sides. this film has received mixed critique reviews and has initiated many contradicting points of view but what Kubrick said his attraction to Gustav Hasford’s book was because it was “neither antiwar or prowar,” held “no moral or political position,” and was primarily concerned with “the way things are.” that’s why this film appeals to me more that any other blood containing film for being so unpretentious and straight forward when talking death, sanity, war and survival.

i have intended to model and animate a person and a gun in Maya in 3-d . i will explore an aspect of body disintegration after being shot with a gun. my 3-d person will be modelled on the human body but will not be intended to be lifelike which i will solve by using wireframe instead of skin texture. it will help to create an explosion more successfully by having particles of the polygon mesh head disintegrating and flying everywhere instead of having a burst of organic looking skin patches or brain fragments. i will need to look into applying some sort of dynamics on particles. not really sure right now but that will be my main research target. the aim of my animation is to explore the graphical aspect of software tool rather than trying to make a visual statement. i like the idea to play with visually disturbing and same time graphically enjoyable aspects of medium without planting any rational meaning to it. this scene has a meaning to it in the film. the film is my source of action. i have removed initial sense and recreated scene in totally different aspect. graphical aspect. the original scene from Full Metal Jacket is here.

so far i have been working on modelling the body. i did use two Maya tutorials (1)and (2) which i found on youtube. they are not very good from explanatory point of view and i had to figure out every single action performed in these super fast speed tutorials on my own. reason why i found them useful is that they were quite basic and easy to follow with my present maya kowledge but i didnt expect the modelling and tweaking part to be so time consuming. here are some screenshots of modelling process:

–i used a side and front view of a human body image at the beginning as my reference when outlining the basic form of a male’s body. after i finished modelling torso i just followed youtube tutorials and tended to reference my perspective view as my main adjustment field. i learned to adjust vertexes by just looking at my actual 3-d model.

i finished modelling torso and i was quite happy with results. when i started to plan out modelling rest of the body i came to conclusion that i must produce work much quicker. modelling torso took me many hours to build and then many hours again tweaking and reshaping to achieve real life looking body shape. there were couple of other tutorials on each section of the body separately and i knew it would take me again huge amount of time to finish the whole body. tutorials i was following were made by experienced 3-d artist and it was not easy task to follow each step of designer who is very familiar with maya, especially without verbal explanations and looking at very fast screen recorded animation. at the end  i decided to follow another tutorial by same person in which he created a whole human body from single polygon cube in one go (not including hands, which is covered in another tutorial)
here are some process images of my second attempt to build entire human body. quite basic but it gets across my main character which i can start rigging and animating..

and here i did small render on how my body will look in animation with wireframe texturing.


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