hand coma//

modelling hand in maya is very painful.
i have conquered maya beast and produced not quite renaissance anal hand beauty but some sort of hybrid human lookalike hand.)))
report in progress images>>

i started off by creating hand shape with nurbs and then setting it to template. that allows me to use it as a guide for modelling hand using polygons and it is not intervening with actual model. when i finished building fingers and positioned them in desired locations, i got rid of template and started modelling faces between fingers and across the palm.

here is the final hand attached to the rest of the body polygons. i had to make sure the vertices on the hand and arm are of equal amount. i merged each corresponding vertex and made little adjustments in vertex positions. i tried to smoothen the hand and arm as much i could. i know that it is not what anatomy books would state as a hand, but i am pretty happy with the outcome as it is.—¬


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