maya project–finished

my 3-d maya project has been finished and presented at the crit couple of days ago but still i think i own it a bit of writing and evaluation. here is my video::

–first–i am quite happy with the final render. i must agree that it doesn’t represent my initial idea from the very beginning but i like the new, more experimental and fresher look it came out eventually with. my initial idea was to use exactly this type of human body at simple actions. i thought i will make a rifle in 3-d and apply some exploding effects rendered out in maya on to his head. i came to consideration to use illustrated animation instead because it made this task easier. also, one of the reasons was because i couldn’t perform particle blast in maya due to some inaccuracies with my 3-d model. i did spend long time perfecting the human body and i thought it would be enough to illustrate my learned skills at maya along with animation also made in maya. modelling body was a hard task but constructing bone structure and organizing everything in hierarchy window was much harder. i had to rename each bone i made, including little bone sections in fingers. more to it i assigned ik handles, grouped and parented them and set the preterite bending angles, too. i went through lot of neat preproduction in order to make my body make just one step. nevertheless i had to adjust skin bending using skin weight tool.

my animation looks quite simple and minimalistic. and that was my goal. i am happy how drawn animation blends with 3-d model. i like the experimental look it adds to my short sequence. a lifelike 3-d body was designed to bring in some realistic look while rifle, on the opposite, is very playful and created quite scattered using graphic tablet. i did sketch a rifle on each frame in after effects. that was time-consuming and obviously has paid off. the end of animation is very abrupt and leaves a viewer with a surprise. i was quite happy to leave this animation with unfinished look. that suited my idea and style.

for the sound i used recordings i did with my mp3 player. i decided to convert text into speech using a computer software. i did record it straight from the internet through my headphones. there are some sound glitches left on purpose. the reason why i didn’t edit sound is to convey this very rough, alternative approach of creating a short video sequence on the fly using tools at hand and current emotion. i had made quite lot of planning and then long executing of this idea. at the end i wanted to bring in some unexpectedness and joy element. i like the rawness and primitive nature of  sound and visual interplay. these sound clips serves as a compliment for an absurd animation of a man shooting himself in the face. i wanted that style was the deciding element over the story. i think there is no story and my aim wasnt to say something. creating a manipulative object and making it walk and lift in hands a pencil drawn gun was my playful response to the actual film scene. i know that this moment in film bears some heavy reasons for such action which i have chosen to neglect completely and create some visual game which is askew and eerie and just allows me to push some polygons around the space.

here i want to add some screenshots of production in progress::

i think i did learn lot on completing this project. i managed to learn great amount on modelling in maya, especially – a human body modelling, i learnt great deal on structuring bone skeleton and applying kinetic handles to it. i learned how to create helping tools outside the body which makes animating process so much easier. i have understanding of different maya rendering engines, particularly used for my project was maya vector renderer. i have learned to create and animate different cameras as well as organize my project in hierarchy window. i did learn couple of useful things in classroom on lessons about maya, but it wasnt enough to carry out my ambitious maya project. i spend many hours watching and learning from tutorials and that carried me all the way through till pressing final render button. there are many things i could have done to my animation to make it more advanced in modelling and sophistcated in style. i am looking forward learning maya in future.


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