acroplane recordings

[[acroplane recordings]]–>hit here
is run  by Paul, located in Belfast and spreading its good deed on the world wide web globally. it is acknowledged irish electronic music online label which publishes great musics from ireland and overseas. i have been approached to make a cover art for couple of releases on acroplane.  all releases are available for free download. label not only promotes commercial-free good musics but also creates industry-free open grounds for creative people in sharing good quality sound.

[first album cover art for automatic tasty aka jonny-wicklow, ireland]]–>

…Automatic Tasty, is a seven track EP documenting the recent hardships that have befallen this relic. Our knackered mate Is currently spending his days eating packets of sugar under a bridge, a fitting end, Really. Having taken an unflinching, top down look at the sidelines, rather than Quite reading things as they appear, he has come to terms with the undeniable, & Awful, situation at hand, & intends now, to act accordingly. Presented w/pleasure…

i truly love automatic tasty music and have worked with Jonny before, i did make a music video for him and have always admired him as a friend and great music composer, here are some video pieces i made for his tracks::


[second album cover for lacluster aka Esa-finland]

The 1st release on Acroplane by Lackluster. ‘One of a kind’ is the expression which best describes the Finnish electronic music auteur Esa Ruoho, regardless whether we are talking about the organic quality of his music under the artist name Lackluster or just the artist himself in his private life. He has been composing since the mid-1990s and is no stranger to the electronic music idiom. Since 2000, Ruoho has played numerous musical performances in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, England, Austria, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. He has done remixes for various artists including Machinedrum, Hecq, Proem, and Kilowatts.

i know esa through very strange stream of events. that was a long time ago when esa came to play gig to riga famous annual underground 3-d rave hosted at half-abandoned factory. i was kindly asked by one of the organizers to look after esa and not make him lost in big factory constantly filling with more and more people. my friends were busy arranging stuff for festival so i did spend some time with esa, we did went for a walk and played some football with cans in factory. he did amazing live set and i instantly fell in love with his music. we didnt keep in touch at all after he left the festival. somehow i did find him on the internet few years after and reunited connection with him. we both lived in ireland for some time but i never met him because i didnt know about it.  i bumped into his best mate in london at the gig i did visuals for. he said he was from finland and i instantly asked if he knows esa, and he did! actually he was his best friend. these few random bits made me think how strangely esa’s persona has been appearing in my life. we keep in touch now and he keeps updating me on his travels and gigs. i really love his music and his personality and was very happy when he asked me to make a cover art for his release on acroplane. i hope to meet him some day and have again wicked time chatting to him and going for walks.


[.] 3rd cover for music artist Molez from serbia – due to be released next week (not approved.(()
i dont know molez in person, but i like his tracks for acroplane release///it will be interesting dub-steppy /glitch/electronica album which i will post link to bit later

////L I N K S////////
automatic tasty ——->hola


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