berlin//report##2 in fotos

finally i got my films developed and that means i can complete my report on transmediale festival in berlin////

this year’s transmediale festival was called “Futurity Now!”, it represented new templates for the future in various art forms and contemplated what is futurity and how do we interact with it nowadays. not only researching in mundane planes futurity aspect this festival represented views and interpretations of future from different times in human history. there were multiple lectures covering such fields as technology, politics, science, films about complex web of economic and cultural systems dependent on being perceived as “future worthy” without having been there yet as well huge range of installations representing groundbreaking approaches solving different aspects of our everyday life and the way we perceive it from technology moment of use.

he is the main key reason why i went to berlin and ,particularly, this festival, he was giving a performance i felt will be worth of millions my dying nerve cells watching him perform live and making me happy as unaware of his complexity retard. he made my day, he made my berlin…i thought i missed him, festival did refuse my entrance into theatre where his performance was meant to be because of limited seats and i happened to be a bit late, so, i didnt enter the room. i went downstairs gutted and searched for quiet spot to weep my waters out. i sat on bench deep in snow watching night runners passing by and looking at clouds in dark sky. i was contemplating about simplicity of nature and complexity of human mind. i was thinking of things one might get inspired by to make big things. i was thinking that i dont need to see Ryoji Ikeda. i thought i must believe myself and never get influenced by great artists. when i calmed myself down i went upstairs again. i got inside theatre this time and realized that i just arrived for Ryoji Ikedas performance. i took my seat and i died. he made it happen.
i have nothing of his life performance except my noise sawn skull and crazy empty heart. i will not try to limit by descriptions what sort of performance it was, it was greatest performance with black/white visuals and sound i ever seen. second after this comes live performance by Pan Sonic i witnessed in Dublin.

i managed to capture some fotos of another recorded performance of same artist Ryoji which was exposed at Futurity Now! exhibition.  there was big dark room with one wall projected white numeric data visuals on it. it was accompanied by sound scape, minimal, clean, synthetically beautiful, meditative, japanese….here are some fotos:: stilled running pure data>>
[.]DATA.TRON [3 SXGA+VERSION] (2007-09)

it is hard to describe feeling being in this room. one might have different experience. it is certain that each person will leave that room with completely different emotions. this is very narrow spectrum attempt to interpret this room being in action into some stilled abstracts of my photography . it is nothing of experiencing it live when audio and visual merges into one and showers every spectator standing there. at some point people will approach the wall and try to decipher running data visuals, but that is of small importance. this piece is not about details or small elements it consists of, as complex as universe might be with millions of forms of diversity it runs and realizes itself  in single harmonious breath. i think it is about flow and continuity, ability to make one’s mind rest on complex forms of creativity…data flow ][ flow like me //


a Parallel Image is an electronic camera obscura. this media-archaeological, interactive sculpture is based on the fictive assumption that the contemporary principle of electronically transmitting moving images, namely by breaking them down into single images and image lines, was never discovered. the result is an apparatus that attempts a highly elaborate parallel transmission of every singlepixel from sender to receiver. this piece consist of two plates interlinked with 2,500 individual cables. on one side there is a film being projected on light sensitive michroscheme plate and each cable carries a signal to another plate. another plate has many small light bulbs attached to it and eah of them is lighting up accordingly to projected image n another plate. one is a camera and another is a monitor. they communicate throught wired system of sending signals and conveying to the viewer a correspondance between real world and transmission that can be sensually experienced::


i was totally blown away by this installation. these were stunning images imprinted by invisible radiation taken by brazilian artist of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone depicting the most affected regions located on the Belarusian side of the border. i thought it is so scary and same time beautiful being able to see invisible evil matter, as if smoke or dirty water flowing and transporting in the air with power to destruct living organic cells. the disaster of power plant happened in 26 April 1986, just 3 years after my birth. i remember when older my mum used to refer to this tragedy and said that even people in latvia have been slightly exposed to this radiation wave.
in order to capture radiation artist had to create specific technologies, including the development of auto-radiographic techniques and pinhole cameras. this project uses new processes in the field of photography and has been shown for the first time at this festival. unfortunately my image is very poor. it was very hard to capture these intricate and carefully lit forms of evil matter even on my camera and i was just recapturing read-made image. i believe better quality scans can be found somewhere on internet.


the Panoramic WiFi Camera takes ‘pictures’ of spaces illuminated by wireless radio signals, in much the same way that a traditional camera takes pictures through visible light. in effect, it is a camera which captures the invisible. WiFi uses wireless radio signals in the 2.4GHz range which behave similarly to light waves, in that they are reflected off almost all solid objects. when we perceive colours, we see the light that is reflected off an object into our eyes. the Panoramic WiFi Camera allows us to perceive the radio environment in a similar manner. this object uses home-made directional antannae to scan an image of space and then it has been updated on tv screen positioned beside the rotating WiFi camera. it was very interesting piece and looked more fun than it really was in it’s complexity and build.


this is an artist from lithuania (my neighbour country!). i particularly loved his piece of its smart approach.  it seems that this artists has studied tape in physical space a lot and created this playful yet neatly calculated installation involving videotape and industrial fans. he created a window in the wall and stretched unspooled videotape across it. he placed some lights and fans behind it so it is well lit and contrasts with dark room as well it has an animated effect when tapes have been vibrated by blowing air currents. viewers enter dark, almost cinematic space and are confronted by what appears to be a large projection screen of pixellated static. it really seems like old tv screen in static mode but when approaching closer it discloses it’s real analogue structure. i like the idea of videotape being not only the carrier of an information but also being a physical element in this sculptured moving image. it’s virtuality has been extended and transformed into ew medium. truly amazing smart, and simple piece!


there was a corner where people could sit down and stream into ambient sounds of Longplayer. it is a one thousand year long musical composition which began playing at midnight on the 31st december 1999 and will continue play without repetition until last moment of 2999, at which point it will complete its cycle and begin again. conceived and composed by Jem Finer, Longplayer can be heard in the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, where it has been playing since it began. it can also be heard at several other location around the world, and globally via a live stream on the internet. stream here


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  1. ZAREMA Says:

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  2. gualetar Says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  3. kavi999 Says:

    thank you! the reason why text lacks clarity is my origin, i am not english speaker and it is hard for me to phrase my thoughts and experiences in good written english, sorry about that!

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