max/MSP glitch

here i was experimenting with rotating 3-d objects in max/MSP patch. by invading fully functioning patch and rearranging some patch chords, i managed to corrupt rotation and achieve jittered mad processing images.)) i did numerous resizing of output video and recapturing same output video, every time it restructured itself completely different. what i observed was appearance of strange data texts which wasnt relevant to my patch at all, i think some renders had some bits of texts from random webpages i might have been visited before, but it didn’t make clear connection. i absolutely love braking processes and enjoy witnessing the beauty of functioning malfunction///dig them stream bites the wicked canvases>>

in this image above there is some random strips of text, obviously not english. before i started playing with this patch i visited some webpage on recycling. i don’t remember if that was in english or other language, what surprised me is that max/MSP for some strange reason had access to the info displayed on that webpage. i am pretty sure i did close that webpage but somehow it appeared in my patch. it looks like some sort of glitch. lovely.

these strange eggs are made out of xyz axis in continious rotation. the option of deleting previous frame has been disabled which allowed me to record full flex of movement and add each frame to already building up canvas. it is a capture of continious flow and it is amazing.)))



3 Responses to “max/MSP glitch”

  1. tikul::yttttiktiiii Says:

    i like those.. glitchzZ .. from oryginal idea through the path of transformations – unexpected artifact are so sweet* individual streams of freeze data flow… rgb action paint!*

  2. tikul::yttttiktiiii Says:

    beautiful error : rgbe wool cocoon*

  3. research about “glitches” « fdadigital media 2nd year:: Says:

    […] is also a post i made last year on max/msp […]

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