patch1 – tracking//

my post-production first patch has been successfully made and tested. up till now i was working hard to solve my alpha channel issues. i have finally managed to complete on a patch which does live chromakeying, hosts 3-d elements in same environment and triggers them with values taken from tracked motion via live feed. i have tested other 3-d objects as well as cubes and balls, both are working fine. here is the final rewritten patch1::

all this time i have been working on mac platform. patching in mac osx can be slightly different as in windows xp. some objects has different names and live web camera feed is performed differently as well.  i needed to test my finalized patch with external camera feed, so far i always used built in mac webcam but for my final presentation i will take video feed from external camera. at my disposal was a camera compatible only with pc, not mac, so i had to look into patch adjustments for win xp. in order to capture a live video feed on xp jit.qt.grab requires the use of a 3rd party vdig. VDIG, a video driver that translates from my hardware to the video functions used by QuickTime. i downloaded it for free and installed on my pc laptop. i did run a test and it detected attached camera::

next thing was to open my patch and test camera feed. even though my computer crashes after few minutes patch has been running, i had enough time to test that it does detect camera and displays all functions as chromakeying, 3-d elements and tracking. i did small test with objects i found on my table to see if full-screen and chromakeying is working:

then i decided to set up a small scene and simulate green screen live feed. i didn’t have any green sheet so i used a cardboard sheet instead. here is my test scene:

then i tested it as a camera feed to my computer:

the camera footage was feeding without problems, next thing is to test it with my max/msp patch and import 3-d elements, too in hope that it will not crush straight away. here is the test::

i clicked on the background area i want to key out (you can see my mouse arrow on it in max patch on the right) and as you can see in output window – in left top corner – there is a little plastic toy without background, next thing was to open 3-d elements and test how they work. at this stage my weak “decent bitch” computer could be freezing any moment:

it works!!!!! never mind couple of freezes and good few restarts of the patch seasoned with swear words, i managed to harvest small film clips captured from the full screen mode.P —

also, because this patch does motion tracking and plastic toy is dead static, i did few more tests with myself by also changing some values which affected the appearance of videos.

–i can proudly announce that my set concept for live post-production techniques  is almost finished. i still have some time for tweaking and testing more 3-d elements, as well i have planned to implement some colouring aspects, too. i also wondered if i could build another patch and use a physical game gun to interact with projection and live scene. i have obtained gun and have opened it and figured out the structure of the patch. i also tested max with my midi controller and signal transmission was easy. i have quite a challenge on gun thing though, but i might work on it first and then post the results after it has been successfully tested. back to work now….


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