scanner photography

i used to have an 25Euro epson scanner  and it wasn’t top notch beast. but i made it to scan surroundings and objects lift to its screen in highest resolution it could. all of the scan action artefacts went to doom along with my hard drive death but i happened to find some uploads on internet, here is one the experiments – a model of a head and a plastic snowflake. i dragged the head with snowflake on the scanner surface at the beginning of the scan and that is seen in the top part of the head, then i stopped and finished the scan with rest of the model in stilled position. what i like about scanning things without lid on is a surprise outcome of the colors and shades, you can do real-time action by adding some lighting effects on and off and it will be recorded on image as on long exposure film. also the resolution of scanner allows to produce very hight-definition raw images which are instant whereas similar image processing on film will require time and money to develop. i find scanner photography very experimental and economical in terms of saving lot of money on film and they can be easily editing afterwards as they render straight in digital format. the only thing is that it doesn’t feel like after-editing at all considering how much preproduction and set up has been effortlessly performed during the scan. the most amazing thing in scanner photography is that you get very hight-resolution super real image with obscure alterations performed in time. it is time consuming never ending fun, i will get a scanner soon!!


One Response to “scanner photography”

  1. In`G Says:

    Ir mēģināts – bet nu man dārgs skaners ~90Ls 😀
    Taču tam ir nevis LED bet CCD skenēšanas tehnoloģija!!!,2845,1156000,00.asp

    Tam ir dziļāka gaismas jūtība – attiecīgi reālākas bildes sanāk, tas skanē 3mm dziļumā nezaudējot kvalitāti — LED skaneri vispār nemāk dziļumu normāli dabūt arī krāsas suu…. tāpēc šaubos ka 20Eur skaneris var dabūt labu attēlu. nu es skatoties šajās bildēs uz violēto toni un pārgaismotību domāju ka tev ir LED skaneris… tāpē ja pirksi kautko šādiem mērķiem – da jeb kam citam – vispirms padomā ko izvēlies 😉

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