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summer placement

June 19, 2010

for my summer placement i have decided to work on personal installation rather working for a professional company. i have contacted my friend who is a digital music composer and hosts various electronic music venues in Dublin called Second Square To None. it is well known venue and has attracted almost every electronic music composer living in and near Dublin.

we will be working on interactive installation together and for this project i have dedicated a separate blog. this blog can be found here::

please, visit this blog for documentation and experiments and final outcomes.
this summer placement workshop has started already now, but will take place in action in Dublin from 3rd by 12th August. if we are successful with this project we will look for possibilities to exhibit and show it at various festivals and venues around Ireland.


scanner photography

April 27, 2010

i used to have an 25Euro epson scanner  and it wasn’t top notch beast. but i made it to scan surroundings and objects lift to its screen in highest resolution it could. all of the scan action artefacts went to doom along with my hard drive death but i happened to find some uploads on internet, here is one the experiments – a model of a head and a plastic snowflake. i dragged the head with snowflake on the scanner surface at the beginning of the scan and that is seen in the top part of the head, then i stopped and finished the scan with rest of the model in stilled position. what i like about scanning things without lid on is a surprise outcome of the colors and shades, you can do real-time action by adding some lighting effects on and off and it will be recorded on image as on long exposure film. also the resolution of scanner allows to produce very hight-definition raw images which are instant whereas similar image processing on film will require time and money to develop. i find scanner photography very experimental and economical in terms of saving lot of money on film and they can be easily editing afterwards as they render straight in digital format. the only thing is that it doesn’t feel like after-editing at all considering how much preproduction and set up has been effortlessly performed during the scan. the most amazing thing in scanner photography is that you get very hight-resolution super real image with obscure alterations performed in time. it is time consuming never ending fun, i will get a scanner soon!!

short form video on the scene

April 2, 2010

here are some fotos i managed to capture in crossmoments we were filming footage for short form video::

max/MSP glitch

March 26, 2010

here i was experimenting with rotating 3-d objects in max/MSP patch. by invading fully functioning patch and rearranging some patch chords, i managed to corrupt rotation and achieve jittered mad processing images.)) i did numerous resizing of output video and recapturing same output video, every time it restructured itself completely different. what i observed was appearance of strange data texts which wasnt relevant to my patch at all, i think some renders had some bits of texts from random webpages i might have been visited before, but it didn’t make clear connection. i absolutely love braking processes and enjoy witnessing the beauty of functioning malfunction///dig them stream bites the wicked canvases>>

in this image above there is some random strips of text, obviously not english. before i started playing with this patch i visited some webpage on recycling. i don’t remember if that was in english or other language, what surprised me is that max/MSP for some strange reason had access to the info displayed on that webpage. i am pretty sure i did close that webpage but somehow it appeared in my patch. it looks like some sort of glitch. lovely.

these strange eggs are made out of xyz axis in continious rotation. the option of deleting previous frame has been disabled which allowed me to record full flex of movement and add each frame to already building up canvas. it is a capture of continious flow and it is amazing.)))


kevin peterson

March 18, 2010

i saw this beautiful image of a girl and some writing behind her. eventhough she is well blended on the rough surface of a concrete wall, it feels as if she is just a passer by and has been captured on a film as a real person from different time..featuring one of his graffiti girls by kevin peterson [houston, tx, united states]>>

acroplane recordings

March 9, 2010

[[acroplane recordings]]–>hit here
is run  by Paul, located in Belfast and spreading its good deed on the world wide web globally. it is acknowledged irish electronic music online label which publishes great musics from ireland and overseas. i have been approached to make a cover art for couple of releases on acroplane.  all releases are available for free download. label not only promotes commercial-free good musics but also creates industry-free open grounds for creative people in sharing good quality sound.

[first album cover art for automatic tasty aka jonny-wicklow, ireland]]–>

…Automatic Tasty, is a seven track EP documenting the recent hardships that have befallen this relic. Our knackered mate Is currently spending his days eating packets of sugar under a bridge, a fitting end, Really. Having taken an unflinching, top down look at the sidelines, rather than Quite reading things as they appear, he has come to terms with the undeniable, & Awful, situation at hand, & intends now, to act accordingly. Presented w/pleasure…

i truly love automatic tasty music and have worked with Jonny before, i did make a music video for him and have always admired him as a friend and great music composer, here are some video pieces i made for his tracks::


[second album cover for lacluster aka Esa-finland]

The 1st release on Acroplane by Lackluster. ‘One of a kind’ is the expression which best describes the Finnish electronic music auteur Esa Ruoho, regardless whether we are talking about the organic quality of his music under the artist name Lackluster or just the artist himself in his private life. He has been composing since the mid-1990s and is no stranger to the electronic music idiom. Since 2000, Ruoho has played numerous musical performances in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, England, Austria, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. He has done remixes for various artists including Machinedrum, Hecq, Proem, and Kilowatts.

i know esa through very strange stream of events. that was a long time ago when esa came to play gig to riga famous annual underground 3-d rave hosted at half-abandoned factory. i was kindly asked by one of the organizers to look after esa and not make him lost in big factory constantly filling with more and more people. my friends were busy arranging stuff for festival so i did spend some time with esa, we did went for a walk and played some football with cans in factory. he did amazing live set and i instantly fell in love with his music. we didnt keep in touch at all after he left the festival. somehow i did find him on the internet few years after and reunited connection with him. we both lived in ireland for some time but i never met him because i didnt know about it.  i bumped into his best mate in london at the gig i did visuals for. he said he was from finland and i instantly asked if he knows esa, and he did! actually he was his best friend. these few random bits made me think how strangely esa’s persona has been appearing in my life. we keep in touch now and he keeps updating me on his travels and gigs. i really love his music and his personality and was very happy when he asked me to make a cover art for his release on acroplane. i hope to meet him some day and have again wicked time chatting to him and going for walks.


[.] 3rd cover for music artist Molez from serbia – due to be released next week (not approved.(()
i dont know molez in person, but i like his tracks for acroplane release///it will be interesting dub-steppy /glitch/electronica album which i will post link to bit later

////L I N K S////////
automatic tasty ——->hola

berlin//report##2 in fotos

March 9, 2010

finally i got my films developed and that means i can complete my report on transmediale festival in berlin////

this year’s transmediale festival was called “Futurity Now!”, it represented new templates for the future in various art forms and contemplated what is futurity and how do we interact with it nowadays. not only researching in mundane planes futurity aspect this festival represented views and interpretations of future from different times in human history. there were multiple lectures covering such fields as technology, politics, science, films about complex web of economic and cultural systems dependent on being perceived as “future worthy” without having been there yet as well huge range of installations representing groundbreaking approaches solving different aspects of our everyday life and the way we perceive it from technology moment of use.

he is the main key reason why i went to berlin and ,particularly, this festival, he was giving a performance i felt will be worth of millions my dying nerve cells watching him perform live and making me happy as unaware of his complexity retard. he made my day, he made my berlin…i thought i missed him, festival did refuse my entrance into theatre where his performance was meant to be because of limited seats and i happened to be a bit late, so, i didnt enter the room. i went downstairs gutted and searched for quiet spot to weep my waters out. i sat on bench deep in snow watching night runners passing by and looking at clouds in dark sky. i was contemplating about simplicity of nature and complexity of human mind. i was thinking of things one might get inspired by to make big things. i was thinking that i dont need to see Ryoji Ikeda. i thought i must believe myself and never get influenced by great artists. when i calmed myself down i went upstairs again. i got inside theatre this time and realized that i just arrived for Ryoji Ikedas performance. i took my seat and i died. he made it happen.
i have nothing of his life performance except my noise sawn skull and crazy empty heart. i will not try to limit by descriptions what sort of performance it was, it was greatest performance with black/white visuals and sound i ever seen. second after this comes live performance by Pan Sonic i witnessed in Dublin.

i managed to capture some fotos of another recorded performance of same artist Ryoji which was exposed at Futurity Now! exhibition.  there was big dark room with one wall projected white numeric data visuals on it. it was accompanied by sound scape, minimal, clean, synthetically beautiful, meditative, japanese….here are some fotos:: stilled running pure data>>
[.]DATA.TRON [3 SXGA+VERSION] (2007-09)

it is hard to describe feeling being in this room. one might have different experience. it is certain that each person will leave that room with completely different emotions. this is very narrow spectrum attempt to interpret this room being in action into some stilled abstracts of my photography . it is nothing of experiencing it live when audio and visual merges into one and showers every spectator standing there. at some point people will approach the wall and try to decipher running data visuals, but that is of small importance. this piece is not about details or small elements it consists of, as complex as universe might be with millions of forms of diversity it runs and realizes itself  in single harmonious breath. i think it is about flow and continuity, ability to make one’s mind rest on complex forms of creativity…data flow ][ flow like me //


a Parallel Image is an electronic camera obscura. this media-archaeological, interactive sculpture is based on the fictive assumption that the contemporary principle of electronically transmitting moving images, namely by breaking them down into single images and image lines, was never discovered. the result is an apparatus that attempts a highly elaborate parallel transmission of every singlepixel from sender to receiver. this piece consist of two plates interlinked with 2,500 individual cables. on one side there is a film being projected on light sensitive michroscheme plate and each cable carries a signal to another plate. another plate has many small light bulbs attached to it and eah of them is lighting up accordingly to projected image n another plate. one is a camera and another is a monitor. they communicate throught wired system of sending signals and conveying to the viewer a correspondance between real world and transmission that can be sensually experienced::


i was totally blown away by this installation. these were stunning images imprinted by invisible radiation taken by brazilian artist of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone depicting the most affected regions located on the Belarusian side of the border. i thought it is so scary and same time beautiful being able to see invisible evil matter, as if smoke or dirty water flowing and transporting in the air with power to destruct living organic cells. the disaster of power plant happened in 26 April 1986, just 3 years after my birth. i remember when older my mum used to refer to this tragedy and said that even people in latvia have been slightly exposed to this radiation wave.
in order to capture radiation artist had to create specific technologies, including the development of auto-radiographic techniques and pinhole cameras. this project uses new processes in the field of photography and has been shown for the first time at this festival. unfortunately my image is very poor. it was very hard to capture these intricate and carefully lit forms of evil matter even on my camera and i was just recapturing read-made image. i believe better quality scans can be found somewhere on internet.


the Panoramic WiFi Camera takes ‘pictures’ of spaces illuminated by wireless radio signals, in much the same way that a traditional camera takes pictures through visible light. in effect, it is a camera which captures the invisible. WiFi uses wireless radio signals in the 2.4GHz range which behave similarly to light waves, in that they are reflected off almost all solid objects. when we perceive colours, we see the light that is reflected off an object into our eyes. the Panoramic WiFi Camera allows us to perceive the radio environment in a similar manner. this object uses home-made directional antannae to scan an image of space and then it has been updated on tv screen positioned beside the rotating WiFi camera. it was very interesting piece and looked more fun than it really was in it’s complexity and build.


this is an artist from lithuania (my neighbour country!). i particularly loved his piece of its smart approach.  it seems that this artists has studied tape in physical space a lot and created this playful yet neatly calculated installation involving videotape and industrial fans. he created a window in the wall and stretched unspooled videotape across it. he placed some lights and fans behind it so it is well lit and contrasts with dark room as well it has an animated effect when tapes have been vibrated by blowing air currents. viewers enter dark, almost cinematic space and are confronted by what appears to be a large projection screen of pixellated static. it really seems like old tv screen in static mode but when approaching closer it discloses it’s real analogue structure. i like the idea of videotape being not only the carrier of an information but also being a physical element in this sculptured moving image. it’s virtuality has been extended and transformed into ew medium. truly amazing smart, and simple piece!


there was a corner where people could sit down and stream into ambient sounds of Longplayer. it is a one thousand year long musical composition which began playing at midnight on the 31st december 1999 and will continue play without repetition until last moment of 2999, at which point it will complete its cycle and begin again. conceived and composed by Jem Finer, Longplayer can be heard in the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, where it has been playing since it began. it can also be heard at several other location around the world, and globally via a live stream on the internet. stream here


February 5, 2010

its been 3rd day in berlin with transmediale festival Futirity Now! which overlaps with another two festivals same time –CTM 2010 festival for adventurous music & related visuals and -Amaze (celebrating the convergence of games, art, and music). i ve been taking many photographs which i will upload when i develop my film rolls. then i will document my experiences along with the photos. for now i will briefly summarize lectures i attended today.

first was a discussion on “gadgets & apps – a medium for artist?”
i did miss the beginning part of this lecture and saw just 3 performances out of 5. they were artists and designers who introduced their developed music gadgets and applications for mobile electronic devices. each of them was proudly presenting their inventions whether it would be an iPhone applications as  Star6 and RjDj or a never existed before plastic cube with LEDs as an interactive tech gadget with operating on fly network installed in clubs called Contact.

each development concept of these devices suggested a particular approach in defining a collaboration between artist and technology. there were many opinions from radically different viewpoints on how we define, listen and adjust music to each liking. how with a help of technology development approach to music has changed and whether it has been successful. the argument whether introducing many music apps will maintain standards of good quality music and necessity of music studios did sketch out very important aspect. by looking at today’s possibilities to make music while sitting in toilet has seriously questioned such crafts as sound mastering and recording at studio, djing and experiencing hands-on  actions with real analog instruments.
there was very sensible argument presented about processes happening in music industry and in general way of perceiving music today. we have come to the point where the way of how music has been made is merging with the way how we listen to it. dated back there was a need for immense studios able to record many instruments and edit sound and then deliver it to listener in form of cd or vinyl. majority had no idea how this music has been made and were happy of being just passive receivers unable to influence or take part in creating process. today access to music has opened many ways to be part of the creation. we listen to music with a same tool music has been made of by means of having just a computer or an iPhone or any other tool allowing not only create music with lifelike high quality sounds but also interact with it while its been playback. easy access to manipulate pure data on fly has totally changed the way people used to relate to music. and rapid development of technologies has allowed almost each person experience  music making. sure, there will always be people working hard and mastering their violin skills or any other instrument and have high-quality recorded track to be delivered to listeners. but that will not be the only source of music available today. it made me think of how we define what is music and if such thing as augmented music stitched together from surrounding sounds by a program would challenge a years mastered skill of hearing and writing a symphony for a live orchestra.

related links::


another lecture was on “gadget cultures. hack a day. from consumer fetishism to prosumer play to DIY makeaway”. i really loved this lecture which was greatly delivered by Verena Kuni, a professor of visual culture at goethe university in frankfurt. she was talking about historical meaning of gadgets and how we fetishize mundane every-day objects, especially phones. she wanted to draw attention that not always most practical and helpful objects can satisfy our needs. there are growing community which buy many electronic gadgets on e-bay and open, and hack them. they can be like toys but in some cases they can turn into complicated wired gadgets appreciated by real coders and hackers. there are lots of gadgets at people disposal today and many of them has lost the meaningful usability. people tend to have gimmicky usb toys attached to their laptops in form of a pole dancer or fondu maker. they are reluctant to spend money on shit products by supporting these type of industries. the useful aspect of a gadget has changed to ambitious urge to have the latest and funniest thing i saw my mother-in-law just bought.
there are many gadgets and some are worth mentioning of. quite funny one was invented in japan for bubble-wrap lovers. everyone loves to feel popping plastic bubble under finger and more to that – sound can make people reach orgasmic states. for japanese people – definetly! here is the bubble popping gadget called Puchi–

there is not a chance you will ever run out of bubbles!!!!

maywa denki is yet another innovative experimentalist who comes up with original and amazing gadgets. he has taken part in many festivals around the world and runs his “company” of selling gadgets with his brother::


for those who are not happy just buying ready-made gadgets there is an open possibility to customize and create a gadget to individual likings. these people usually take apart anything that has screws and mess with wires and motherboards of dissected objects. they would use different open source softwares to make them do things, commonly used would be arduino. there are many subprogramms which works with this platform. others worth mentioning are pure data, processing, etc

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the main aspects emerging from these lectures are about individual taking part in creative processes whether it would be an interactive listening to music or creating accustomed tools. the long path between producer and consumer has been shortened or removed at all in some cases. we can take immediate part in creating tools and adjust it to individual needs, same with music, we can have applications running and composing sound structures on the fly from surrounding sounds. we have instant access to information and ability to interact and alter it any time we need it. that is a huge step forward in information technologies and is already shaping a future prospects in these fields. anyone can become an innovator and creator of something which might turn into a big thing. we are shaping the future!

gig in berlin

January 17, 2010

i am going to Transmediale festival in berlin!!!!!!!! also, there will be one gig i will participate in. 3 different artists from 3 different mediums. music:: Sei, vocal act:: Regan and visuals by myself.. we will also have a guest act with spoken word delivered by is the poster i made integrating my unfinished maya model.))))

recent photography::

December 27, 2009

here are several shots from two films ok to show. i am not happy overall with my work. firstly, i didnt pay much attention to compositing shots as well didn’t work more with calculation of light and shutter speed. what i tend to do is very unprofessional and stupid — i dont think about aperture and shutter speed in different variations and what each variation can bring to my photo. usually i would just snap photos as long as there is enough light coming in and shutter speed allowing me to use handheld position to shoot. i know that thinking deeper about many faculties as light, composition in shot, setting aperture and metering incoming light and adjusting it for a reason and desired effect will show more skills and understanding of taking photographs. sometimes i manage to take very good shots and i like them for many aspects. but problem is that i never remember what camera set up i used or what exactly caused this look i like very much. what i will try to do in future is to write some notes and investigate, process and compare, understand and use camera more knowingly.